It is well known that a dog bite wound can be fatal. Indeed, it must be treated in order to prevent infections and traumatic complications. So if the bite wound is deep, it is best to consult a doctor. But if it is light, there are some natural remedies to cure it. Discover in this article the remedies to heal a dog bite wound

 Manuka honey, a natural tip to heal a dog bite wound

Honey is produced from the nectar of the manuka tree. It contains flavonoids and methylglyoxal molecules which give it the power to heal dog bite wounds. It is a natural antibacterial remedy that fights skin infections, wounds and even the most ulcerated. It has anti-inflammatory, healing and antibacterial properties. To use it, simply wash the wound properly with soap and water and then apply the honey. Leave it on for about an hour.

Cumin seeds, a powerful remedy to treat dog bite wound

Cumin seed is an ingredient that has many virtues. It can be used to treat dog bite wounds and strengthen the immune system. Simply mix it with a little water until you have a paste and apply it to the wound.

Garlic, a famous antibacterial for dog bites

Garlic is a kitchen condiment rich in antioxidants. It has antibacterial properties that will help you treat the dog bite wound. To use it, you can prepare it with other products by mixing it with coconut oil or aloe vera.

Sorrel, effective in healing dog bite wounds

Sorrel has many virtues. This remedy acts on the dog bite wound by preventing the blood from clotting and kills bacteria. To apply it, dry it and grind it into powder. Then apply three teaspoons of the powder to your wound. It is advisable to see a doctor if the wound is deep.